The charme of the lakes

West to the city of Trento, between the Bondone and Paganella peaks, lies the Valle dei Laghi, “Valley of the lakes”. Stretching from Terlago to the Garda area, this valley is characterised by a unique landscape alternating orchards, vineyards, woods and meadows.As its name might suggest, its most famous feature is the many lakes scattered across its territory. Crystal clear waters, lush vegetation and breathtaking sceneries are common traits to the lakes of Toblino, Terlago, Santa Massenza, Santo, Lamar, Lagolo and Cavedine.


Numerous buildings and villages of historical character can be found in the Valle dei Laghi. Countless between castles, chapels, archaeological sites and picturesque hamlets are spread across the valley, and each of them bears witness to the rich history of this unique place.

The castles of Drena, Madruzzo and Toblino, and the villages of Rango di Bleggio and Canale di Tenno are just a few of these valuable testimonies.

And of course, the nearby city of Trento is a gem. Small, but packed with historical and artistic interest, the chief town of Trentino has a lot to offer: from Roman remains to Reinassance buildings, every corner of Trento is worth a visit.




Climate and naturalistic heritage

The Valle dei Laghi offers a natural scenery of unique beauty in every season.It enjoys a peculiar climatic variety, ranging from alpine to  Mediterranean climate, generating a unique variety of natural environments. Worth mentioning is the woodland of the lower altitudes surrounding the principal lakes, where the holm oak flourishes – some specimens of which are the northernmost of Europe.



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