Two crystal clear lakes

Located just below Mount Paganella, the Lamar lakes are two alpine bathing lakes. Formerly joined together, they were separated by a landslide that gave rise to the two distinct basins of the Santo Lake in the south and of the Lamar Lake in the North.

The latter is a limpid body of water surrounded by woods and rock walls, with a large beach on the western side where you can relax and access the shores of the lake.


Natural beauty

The unique beauty and the fish fauna characterising these two lakes makes them extremely interesting to both fishermen and naturalists. The area around the lakes is also a starting point to several suggestive itineraries, most notably to the trail that reaches the Paganella peak, or the cycle path to Riva del Garda.




A magical place

Two mesmerising lakes, the colour of the Sardinian sea: human interventions on the Lamar Lakes have been minimal, making them two of the most uncontaminated lakes of Trentino. Fish can be admired from ashore, and lianas – not trampolines or artificial slides – will keep children and adults entertained. An inflatable SUP can also be rented at the hotel. The lake in recent years has also become a popular destination in the world of technical-recreational diving, given the depths and the rocky conformations of geological importance.


For those in search of adventure, on the southern shore – about thirty meters above the surface of the lake – opens the abyss of Lamar, a deep cavern that can be traced back to the karst that affects the entire area.

Near the lake, there is a small playground for children and ample parking. You may also leave the car in the “Fogolari” area and take a nice 20 minutes walk that runs along the Santo Lake – also accessible by bike. A public bus to and from Trento runs in the morning and in the evening.




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